skinny love
lauren, california

so many pretty people on tumblr sigh


Bowtie knickers <3



HOLY shit is this a joke?? 

Is it Leighton ? she looks so skinny

its mother effing photoshopped

miley your so hipster

Shanina Shaik
So I was in Belgium with my Grandma for a couple of days

and I haven’t been keeping up with the binge free challenge so I’ll do it now:

8. What is your daily exercise routine?
I have barely been exercising these last 2 weeks and I feel terrible, urgh. Usually I run on the treadmill for half an hour 2 times a week. I really really want to exercise more though!

9. What do you usually do to keep from binging?
I just think about what my future body is going to look like or I go on tumblr and look at some fitspo or thinspo blogs, that helps a lot.

10. What are you currently reading? Opinions? How far are you? (now go read at least 2 chapters of that)
It’s called Brainwash and I love it, it’s a great book, it’s well written and it’s exciting :)

11. Do you exercise mainly at home or outside?
In the gym!